Know who you’re dealing with. It’s your reputation at stake

My business in the collections industry is built upon trust. Clients must trust me to recover their money without behaving in a manner that threatens their reputation. That trust can lead to referrals of new business when their business contacts have unpaid invoices on their books or rent overdue from tenants. Then there are the business networks that meet up and down the country ­- often for an early breakfast befor
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Keep the customer satisfied – and business will thrive

The economic downturn means the customers aren’t just kings, they’re emperors.’ That was how Lyssa McGowan, a brand director at Sky Broadband, responded in Marketing Week to consumer research showing that companies are losing an alarming number of customers because of poor service and rewards. The magazine published in the spring the results of a global survey of more than 12,000 consumers in 32 countries conducted b
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