In business, continuity is key to survival

I don’t want to spoil your holiday, but can your business manage without you for a while? It’s probably not so much of an issue for a one-man band or a partnership, or even the family corner shop, where you can literally put a ‘gone fishing’ sign in the window, shut up the shop and take off for a couple of weeks of well-earned rest. These days, mobile phones, the internet and laptops have made it easier to keep in to
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Keep the customer satisfied – and business will thrive

The economic downturn means the customers aren’t just kings, they’re emperors.’ That was how Lyssa McGowan, a brand director at Sky Broadband, responded in Marketing Week to consumer research showing that companies are losing an alarming number of customers because of poor service and rewards. The magazine published in the spring the results of a global survey of more than 12,000 consumers in 32 countries conducted b
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