The rules of networking

About 30 years ago an organisation that today has more than 170,000 members worldwide was founded by Dr Ivan Misner. It’s called Business Network International and last year some 6,000 meetings were held every week across the globe, generating 54 million referrals that led to members doing business worth $65 million with each other. If that sounds forbidding, then it shouldn’t. Business is built on relationships of t
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Know who you’re dealing with. It’s your reputation at stake

My business in the collections industry is built upon trust. Clients must trust me to recover their money without behaving in a manner that threatens their reputation. That trust can lead to referrals of new business when their business contacts have unpaid invoices on their books or rent overdue from tenants. Then there are the business networks that meet up and down the country ­- often for an early breakfast befor
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