Know who you’re dealing with. It’s your reputation at stake

My business in the collections industry is built upon trust. Clients must trust me to recover their money without behaving in a manner that threatens their reputation. That trust can lead to referrals of new business when their business contacts have unpaid invoices on their books or rent overdue from tenants. Then there are the business networks that meet up and down the country ­- often for an early breakfast befor
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Why the collections industry is embracing change

The debt collection industry is embracing change in a way that may be surprising to outsiders. You might imagine that old hands are being dragged, kicking and screaming, towards regulation by the new Financial Conduct Authority from next year. And it’s fair to say, as consultant Rob Levick of UKDCA argued recently in CCR Magazine, that the arrival of the FCA ‘is forcing a re-examination of what is, and is not, accept
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