Meet the permanent non-borrowers

Meet the permanent non-borrowers. They’re the businesses that won’t be borrowing money from external sources, such as the high street banks, to expand. You might argue that it’s one of the longer-lasting effects of the global crash. Whatever the cause, a majority of small and medium-sized enterprises now meet the definition of permanent non-borrowers (PNBs), according to the recently published BDRC Continental SME Fi
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Warning: housing bubble risks a personal debt explosion

The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, is clearly intent on keeping interest rates at their current low of 0.5% for as long as possible. Waiting until unemployment drops below 7% may delay an increase until 2016 or, at the market-predicted earliest, the first quarter of 2015. That’s good news for house buyers and some reassurance to people using individual voluntary arrangements or debt management plans to
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