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Are You Having Problems Repaying Your Bounce Back Loan?

Bounce Back Loans were a key plank in the government’s strategy for supporting SMEs through the Covid lockdown. Payment was deferred for a year, which for many seemed too far ahead to worry about — but we’re now into the second repayment month. So how is it going? What Were the Bounce Back Loans? So much has happened since last spring, when the scheme began, that even if you have a loan your memory of its
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One in Five Renters Finding It Difficult to Meet Their Housing Costs

A Government report released in April shows a stark picture of how households are coping with their housing costs and savings in the pandemic. The problems apply to both the home-owning and rental sectors, but renters seem to have been hardest hit. The Second Wave Household Resilience Study After more than a year of the pandemic, the Government has published a study of how households are holding up in the wake of the
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What to Do if You Want to Rescind a Winding-Up Order — and What Not to Do

If a company that owes you money has debts so extreme that there’s no possibility of payment, you can apply to the courts to have it wound up. This is a drastic measure and usually a final one — once the winding-up order is granted, it normally means the company is finished. Exceptionally, however, you might change your mind. It’s possible to apply to have the order rescinded, but the process is complicat
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Payment Holidays — Do You Understand the Implications?

The financial effects of the pandemic have been severe on many of us, whether we’re acting as companies, landlords or individuals. One lifeline has been the ability to take “payment holidays” in the repayment of mortgages, loans or debts. This has been invaluable — but is it really the straightforward benefit it seems? Recent research by Resolver suggests it may not be. Payment Holidays Early in the
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Supreme Court Ruling Offers a Lifeline to Small Businesses

Are you one of the many SME owners who have been forced to close your business, wholly or partially, during the Covid-19 lockdown? If you have Business Interruption insurance that covered closure due to disease, you may have been one of the policyholders refused payment by your insurer. However, there’s good news. A ruling by the Supreme Court on the 15th January has established that in most cases closures due
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£70bn Unsustainable Debt for UK Businesses

The past six months have been hard on everyone, and many SMEs have found themselves struggling financially. The government has created a variety of opportunities allowing businesses to borrow money or defer payment, but this has come at a price — high levels of unsustainable debt. Financial Predictions for Business A recent report by TheCityUK has predicted that UK businesses, the vast majority of which are SMEs, are
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SMEs in Trouble — the Insolvency Forecast

Over the past six months, many businesses have had a false sense of security. A raft of government support schemes have been keeping them afloat — but these will be ending soon. So how devastating will the lockdown be on SMEs? The Insolvency Landscape It may seem strange that global insolvencies are actually down on last year’s figures. The UK is typical of this, with a fall of over 20%, in spite of so many hig
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Meet the permanent non-borrowers

Meet the permanent non-borrowers. They’re the businesses that won’t be borrowing money from external sources, such as the high street banks, to expand. You might argue that it’s one of the longer-lasting effects of the global crash. Whatever the cause, a majority of small and medium-sized enterprises now meet the definition of permanent non-borrowers (PNBs), according to the recently published BDRC Continental SME Fi
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7-2 vote brings interest rate rise closer

The news that two member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee voted in favour of an increase on interest rates at their August meeting would suggest that the historic low rates are nearing their end. We’ve written before about the possible impact of rising rates, however gradually, on businesses and consumers who are managing, just, their repayments. Once variable loan rates start to increase, whether o
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