Landlords — Are You Ready for the Tax Relief Changes?

If you’re a buy-to-let landlord renting out residential property, you should be aware that the rules for tax relief changed significantly on 6th April, but surveys suggest that very few landlords are. Since the changes will substantially reduce your profit, it’s vital to know what’s happening, and to take what action you can. What Are the Changes? Various types of tax relief have traditionally been available to indiv
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Choosing the right car (for capital allowances)

Here’s a piece of information from Sterlings Accountants  to think about before changing a vehicle. Choosing the right car (for capital allowances) The rate of capital allowances (CAs) you can claim for cars used in your business varies between 8% per year to 100% of their cost. That can make a big difference to your tax bill. What steps can you take to achieve maximum tax efficiency? Capital allowance rates Th
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