One in Five Renters Finding It Difficult to Meet Their Housing Costs

A Government report released in April shows a stark picture of how households are coping with their housing costs and savings in the pandemic. The problems apply to both the home-owning and rental sectors, but renters seem to have been hardest hit. The Second Wave Household Resilience Study After more than a year of the pandemic, the Government has published a study of how households are holding up in the wake of the
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Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel over Late Payments?

Late payment has for a long time been the scourge of small businesses, and this has only got worse during the pandemic. Many businesses are suffering severe cashflow problems as a result, including the risk of closure. However, there are signs the government is finally contemplating action to help struggling businesses facing this issue. The Scourge of Late Payments Most small businesses operate on very narrow margin
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£70bn Unsustainable Debt for UK Businesses

The past six months have been hard on everyone, and many SMEs have found themselves struggling financially. The government has created a variety of opportunities allowing businesses to borrow money or defer payment, but this has come at a price — high levels of unsustainable debt. Financial Predictions for Business A recent report by TheCityUK has predicted that UK businesses, the vast majority of which are SMEs, are
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Late Payments — a Crisis of the Pandemic?

If there’s one thing that unites virtually all SME business owners, it’s the scourge of late payments. This is always a problem, especially for those operating on narrow margins, but the pandemic seems to have turned it into a crisis. The Scourge of Late Payments The great majority of SMEs don’t enjoy the huge cash reserves and almost unlimited credit enjoyed by the giant companies. If they’re
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Business Insolvency — Why It Happens and How to Spot the Signs

Insolvency — it’s a prospect every business owner has nightmares about, even if everything seems fine at the moment. But what leads to a business becoming insolvent, and how can you, as owner, see the signs that you’re at risk? Why Does a Company Become Insolvent? Insolvency can be the result of a company no longer being able to pay its way. It may be unable to meet its debts or have more liabilities than assets, but
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Keep Safe from Cyber-Crime

Early this month, BA issued an apologetic warning that their booking website had been hacked. Describing the incident as a “sophisticated, malicious criminal attack”, they admitted that customers’ credit card details had been stolen — including the CVV codes, suggesting an interception rather than harvesting data. BA is just the latest in a long list of major organisations that have suffered recent
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Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud While You’re on Holiday

The chances are you’re looking forward to a holiday over the summer, whether your tastes involve lying on a beach or something more active. If you’re running your business efficiently, there shouldn’t be a problem about taking a couple of weeks off to enjoy a well-earned break. However, there are potential dangers. There have been a number of cases where an employee has received a very plausible ema
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How Do You Handle Late Payments?

If you’re an SME owner who’s plagued with late-paying customers, you’re not alone. According to recent research by the Institute of Directors, almost half of all SMEs are in the same predicament. The Scale of the Problem Out of 787 business owners surveyed by the IoD, 48% reported having had problems with late payments since April 2017. Many cited “excessively bureaucratic” payment syste
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PayPal offers working capital to UK businesses

All the evidence is that small- and medium-sized companies are still finding it hard to borrow from the traditional source of business capital, the banks, to expand. Now, one of the few global internet businesses that encourages small firms, rather than trying to obliterate or buy up all the competition, has come up with an alternative source of cash. So often, the business plan for digital firms involves emulating A
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