rent arrears

TV cameras trained on debt collectors for Channel 5 documentary series

It was only a matter of time before the TV cameras were trained once again on the collections industry, given the growth in personal debt. Last July we wrote in the blog about a BBC documentary recording the difficulties landlords have when tenants stop paying their rent or refuse to leave at the end of a lease. Now it’s the turn of Channel 5 with a documentary series called Can’t pay? We’ll take it away! Which is de
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Be prepared is a useful motto for landlords too

Watching the BBC documentary last week called Meet the Landlords was probably frustrating for anyone in my line of business, though it looks as though there’ll be no shortage of debt collection work in the future. The old boy scout motto, Be Prepared, is just as important for anyone considering letting out residential property. From the stories told in the programme it was clear that some owners have not been doing t
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