When should debt become a legal matter?

There comes a time, when dealing with unpaid accounts from a client, when a business has to consider taking legal action to recover the debt. If you have a longstanding legal relationship with a firm of solicitors, they can probably advise you when that point has been reached. But for most small firms, there is a balancing act to be performed. Luckily, going legal does not necessarily mean launching court action. As
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Ditched! End of an 800-year-old remedy for recovering commercial rent arrears

A change to the law has stopped commercial landlords using the 800-year-old ‘remedy of distress’ to collect rent arrears from business tenants. It’s all part of the changes to bring clarity to the entry rights of bailiffs as the collections industry becomes regulated. But pub property agents, for starters, believe the changes are not well understood, according to a report in the publican’s online newspaper, the Morni
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