National Crime Agency

Fraud: the £52 billion headache for business

It’s over a year since the home secretary, Theresa May, closed down the National Fraud Agency and transferred its duties in various directions, including to the National Crime Agency and the City of London police. One of the NFA’s last acts was to publish its annual fraud indicator showing that in 2014 fraud was costing the economy £52 billion a year, of which £21.2bn was to the private sector. Given that the agencie
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Why you should protect your business computer from viruses

If I said that spending about £30 could save your business from computer viruses that can give criminals access to your bank account and lock you out of the files essential to your work, I’m sure you’d agree it was money well spent. So I wonder how many of you ignored the advice in June from the National Crime Agency to install or update your anti-virus and malware protection to safeguard your computer from GameOver
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