In business, continuity is key to survival

I don’t want to spoil your holiday, but can your business manage without you for a while? It’s probably not so much of an issue for a one-man band or a partnership, or even the family corner shop, where you can literally put a ‘gone fishing’ sign in the window, shut up the shop and take off for a couple of weeks of well-earned rest. These days, mobile phones, the internet and laptops have made it easier to keep in to
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When you should just say no to a client

Businesses spend much time and energy marketing their services to clients that it may seem odd for a manager or owner to even consider turning work down. Yet there are times when you should say no to a client. In the collections industry, particularly in light of the regulatory role being taken in April by the Financial Conduct Authority, record keeping is sure to become ever more important. So the first doubts when
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