Time to sell up the business and move on?

Ever thought of selling your business? Perhaps you’d like to spend more time on the golf course or, more likely, you wonder if that might open up growth opportunities for your company. Then I’d recommend reading a series of articles in a recent newsletter from the Academy for Chief Executives about how to go about the process, or first to ask if it’s really the right step to take. The advice comes from an outfit who
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The sales avoidance department? – we don’t have one!

The coal face in business today is where the sales team carves out deals with customers and the finance department shovels up the money afterwards. But when payment doesn’t swiftly follow the sale, a company can be starved of the vital oxygen of commerce – cash. Credit managers are sometimes called the ‘sales avoidance department’. But productivity improves when sales people and accountants work together, say the Cra
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