Bad Debts

Pre-action Protocol — Changes in the Debt Recovery System

The Ministry of Justice has issued new regulations governing the process for recovering debts. The Pre-action Protocol (PAP) will come into force on 1st October 2017, and it’s vital for anyone involved in debt recovery to be familiar with it by then. What is the Pre-action Protocol? The stated aims of the PAP include to “encourage early engagement and communication between the parties… enable the parties to resolve t
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Bad Debt — Don’t Be Part of the Statistics

You’d think that getting paid for work or sales would be at the top of the priority list for any company. It seems, though, that many SMEs are only too willing to write off any debt that presents difficulties. SMEs and Bad Debt Although they don’t get media coverage like the giants, SMEs are the lifeblood of UK business. Government research last year showed that more than 99% of the country’s businesses are SMEs, 1.3
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Create Stronger Relationships with Good Credit Management

Many companies seem to regard credit management as a necessary evil. You obviously have to make sure you get the payments you’re owed, but this could be seen to have the potential for damaging good relations with your customers. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Far from causing damage, strong, confident credit management can actually improve relationships. Nurturing Customers No doubt you put a lot o
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What Can an External Collection Agency Bring to Creditors?

Obviously I feel strongly that an independent debt collection agency, such as SJ Collections, makes a valuable contribution to the collections sector — I wouldn’t be running this business if I weren’t convinced of that. On the other hand, I don’t consider I’m automatically the answer to everyone’s prayer. So what is important about an agency? Clients Who Don’t Need an Agency Some companies find it more convenient to
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What can’t you do online in 2015? Pay your bills (check), do the weekly shop (check), book a holiday (check), find romance (check, if you’re lucky!). But try settling a small dispute with another business and you’ll find that there is no simple form to complete on the laptop or smartphone during a few snatched minutes of downtime. Instead you will need to enter the antiquated – and often lengthy and confusing – world
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Will Gove Bring His Axe Down on the Courts?

This year, we’ve been celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, and one of the key principles of that historic document was the guarantee of universal access to the justice of the courts. Until recently, that access has been maintained, with almost every substantial town in England and Wales having its own county and magistrates courts. Over the last parliament, the government closed a significant numbe
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Why B2B deals need the right terms and conditions

Contract law is the basis of all business activity, whether you trade in goods or services. The law applies to your purchases from a small shopkeeper or the multi-billion deals made between multi-national companies. Legislation can fill in the gaps in contracts with statutory implied terms, such as the Sale of Goods Act, or offer protection to the vulnerable, for example through the Consumer Credit Act governing the
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Business Deals must be clear if each Party is to profit

All businesses are at risk from bad debts and the patchy recovery from recession means many companies have been struggling to survive. Should your customers become casualties of economic turmoil, their problems threaten to become your own. It need not be that the business has failed. Declining product quality, delays or missed deliveries can all disrupt your business. That’s when you need to have sound contractual ar
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