Two Major Takeover Deals by Debt Collecting Companies

Takeovers are a fact of business. They’re sometimes good for the customers of the companies involved, sometimes less so, but business never stands still. Debt collection is no exception, although it tends not to get the media attention given to media, engineering or major retail companies, and two significant takeovers have recently been announced in the sector. Two Recent Takeovers Cabot Credit Management, con
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Debt Collection or Enforcement — What Are the Differences?

Many people who aren’t involved in the process of recovering debts, as I am, may be confused about the various ways of approaching it. In particular, debt collection and enforcement — what are they, and how do they relate to one another Debt Collection A debt collection agency (DCA) is used when direct attempts to get payment aren’t working. Some will buy the debt from you, often at a knock-down price, and then recov
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What can’t you do online in 2015? Pay your bills (check), do the weekly shop (check), book a holiday (check), find romance (check, if you’re lucky!). But try settling a small dispute with another business and you’ll find that there is no simple form to complete on the laptop or smartphone during a few snatched minutes of downtime. Instead you will need to enter the antiquated – and often lengthy and confusing – world
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Ditched! End of an 800-year-old remedy for recovering commercial rent arrears

A change to the law has stopped commercial landlords using the 800-year-old ‘remedy of distress’ to collect rent arrears from business tenants. It’s all part of the changes to bring clarity to the entry rights of bailiffs as the collections industry becomes regulated. But pub property agents, for starters, believe the changes are not well understood, according to a report in the publican’s online newspaper, the Morni
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A bad press for councils – and bailiffs – is undeserved

Local authorities get a bad press these days and the latest example was the news last week that councils had referred 1.8 million debts to bailiffs in the last 12 months. The figures were gathered using Freedom of Information requests to all 374 local authorities in England and Wales by the Money Advice Trust, a charity formed in 1991 to help people ‘tackle their debts and manage their money wisely’. The trust said t
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Landlords face big changes under Universal Credit

When 500 landlords were asked about their concerns for 2013, 96% told the National Landlords Association they feared problems with the introduction of Universal Credit. Iain Duncan Smith’s attempt to limit the social security bill began in parts of Greater Manchester and Cheshire from April. It will be rolled out across the rest of the country between October 2013 and October 2017. Under the new system, most benefits
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