A court error

What was the problem?

We acted for a Hire company that franchised their business to franchisees.  These franchisees then added the name of the area to the name of the franchised company, which when incorporated formed the new company.  In this particular case, a franchisee owed money and ceased trading after we had issued legal proceedings and entered Judgment.  However, the Court had inadvertently omitted the area in the name of the Defendant, thereby entering the name of the franchisor with the Registrar of County Court Judgments.

How did SJ Collections help?

We wrote to the Court as soon as this became apparent, pointing out the error.

What was the solution?

In due course, the franchisor applied to renew their overdraft with their bankers which was rejected as the franchisor had a C.C.J. registered against them. We were able to supply copies of the correspondence sent to the Court and in due time the mistake was corrected. This points out how meticulous we are in perusing all papers in any action.

Date: August 01, 2019