An Exhibition Organiser

What was the problem?

We were contacted in March 2019 by a Client we had previously acted for in the past, successfully in collecting over £2,000. Our Client organises and installs units for exhibitions.  In this case, the installation was for a couture fashion designer, who owed in excess of £9,600. The debtor was disputing part of the debt, and had not attempted to contact our Client for clarification.

How did S J Collections help?

We obtained a copy of the invoice and our Client explained to us why there were extra sums added to their original quote, such as working 24/7 to finish the contract and paying for items that the debtor had agreed to pay.

What was the solution?

We sent an e mail to the debtor with an explanation, following up with a phone call offering to meet the debtor to further explain the invoice and agree a schedule of payments. The debtor declined this offer and stressed that they did not have any funds and if we issued legal proceedings, would consider liquidating his company. However, the debtor then suggested payments when they had funds available, and we agreed with this plan. To date, August 2019, the debtor has reduced the debt by £2,840 and hopes to settle in full by the end of the year.

Date: August 19, 2019