An Accountant

What was the problem?

We were recommended to an accountant who had a debt outstanding of £1,700 dating back to 2016.

The debtor made metal signs and other metal products and worked from a premises where he lived in a flat above the workshop.

The debtor had been making occasional payments since then, but had failed to pay anything for two years and was now not responding to our Client’s communications.

How did S J Collections help?

We wrote one letter to the debtor on 29th August 2019.

What was the solution?

We received a call from our Client, on 3rd  September 2019 to inform us that the debtor had called them and said that he would pay the debt the following day, 4th September.  Our Client called us at 12.36 p.m. to inform us that the debtor had paid them in full and requested that we send them an invoice for our commission.

Job Completed

Date: September 10, 2019