A retail store

What was the problem?

We were recommended to a small family retail furniture store, who were celebrating their 130th anniversary. They had a problem with a customer who had given them a cheque that was not honoured. The customer had many different excuses as to why this had happened and then started not responding to emails or telephone calls. Consequently, the store contacted us for help.

How did S J Collections help?

We wrote to the customer twice, and emailed, but still did not receive any response. This was a joint debt of £1000 owed by a husband and wife and did not come under the Debt Collections Pre Action Protocol Regulations. Legal proceedings were issued and only then the wife contacted us to explain why she was unable to pay the debt immediately.

What was the solution?

We agreed to accept 4 monthly payments commencing 31 July to settle the account. As at the beginning of August, no payment has been received and we entered Judgment against both the debtors in the sum exceeding £1,150 including costs and interest.

Date: August 19, 2019