Are You Having Problems Repaying Your Bounce Back Loan?

Bounce Back Loans were a key plank in the government’s strategy for supporting SMEs through the Covid lockdown. Payment was deferred for a year, which for many seemed too far ahead to worry about — but we’re now into the second repayment month. So how is it going? What Were the Bounce Back Loans? So much has happened since last spring, when the scheme began, that even if you have a loan your memory of its
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Keep Safe from Cyber-Crime

Early this month, BA issued an apologetic warning that their booking website had been hacked. Describing the incident as a “sophisticated, malicious criminal attack”, they admitted that customers’ credit card details had been stolen — including the CVV codes, suggesting an interception rather than harvesting data. BA is just the latest in a long list of major organisations that have suffered recent
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What Do You Need in an Application for Credit?

If you’re applying for credit, it’s important to make it easy for the person looking at your application. They’re only human, and if you catch them on a hard day with an application that’s difficult to follow, they may simply decide to reject it, rather than try to make sense of what you’ve sent. All About Your Business Whether your business is a company or a sole trader, remember to giv
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Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud While You’re on Holiday

The chances are you’re looking forward to a holiday over the summer, whether your tastes involve lying on a beach or something more active. If you’re running your business efficiently, there shouldn’t be a problem about taking a couple of weeks off to enjoy a well-earned break. However, there are potential dangers. There have been a number of cases where an employee has received a very plausible ema
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Infringement of Patents and Intellectual Property

If you own a company, it’s likely that you also own patents or intellectual properties. These can be valuable assets, and violation could result in someone taking profits that are legally yours, so it’s important to be vigilant for any infringement of your rights. A patent, as long as it’s renewed annually, restricts commercial exploitation of an invention to the holder or anyone they’ve licenced. Even if you’re the
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Know who you’re dealing with. It’s your reputation at stake

My business in the collections industry is built upon trust. Clients must trust me to recover their money without behaving in a manner that threatens their reputation. That trust can lead to referrals of new business when their business contacts have unpaid invoices on their books or rent overdue from tenants. Then there are the business networks that meet up and down the country ­- often for an early breakfast befor
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