Landlords — Avoid a £30,000 Fine by Keeping Up Electrical Safety Tests

If you’re a responsible landlord, you may well already carry out EICR (electrical installation condition report) checks regularly on all your properties. From 1st April, however, this will be a legal requirement, with fines up to £30,000 for failure to comply. What Is the EICR? An EICR is the document that an electrician issues after carrying out an inspection on the electrical equipment in a property. Dependin
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Ban on Evictions Extended Again — but how Complete Is it?

On the 10th March, the Government announced that the current moratorium on evictions will be extended until 31st May, for both domestic and commercial tenancies. This is clearly good news both for people who rent their home and for struggling businesses, but not necessarily for equally struggling landlords. So, does this mean that no evictions can take place, regardless of the circumstances? The Extension of the Mora
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Poverty and Debt — the Legacy of Covid-19

2020 has been a difficult year in so many ways. Quite apart from the struggles of living in lockdown, the disruption has had a devastating effect on many bank balances. Two recent reports show the growing level of hardship many households are facing and the debt burden being taken on to cope with this. 30% of Households Facing Hardship Research by the Resolution Foundation suggests that incomes have fallen significan
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Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel over Late Payments?

Late payment has for a long time been the scourge of small businesses, and this has only got worse during the pandemic. Many businesses are suffering severe cashflow problems as a result, including the risk of closure. However, there are signs the government is finally contemplating action to help struggling businesses facing this issue. The Scourge of Late Payments Most small businesses operate on very narrow margin
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On 16th OCTOBER 2020, RYAN BEMBRIDGE headlined in the above A quarter (23%) of home-owners are worried about renewing their mortgage during the pandemic, a poll from specialist broker Willow Private Finance has found. A third (32%) said their income was less secure now than before the pandemic, while more than one in 10 (12%) had to take a payment holiday during COVID. The proportion of those feeling less financially
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Enforcement Visits — When Will They Be Back to Normal?

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began, it’s been difficult not only to initiate claims for debt recovery, but even to enforce orders already granted by the courts. This is because many enforcement visits have been suspended, making repayment entirely dependent on the debtor choosing to obey the order. However, the lockdown is being gradually eased. We can eat at a restaurant, enjoy a pint at a pub and even have a h
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What Does It Cost You to Be a Landlord?

To anyone outside the buy-to-let world, it seems as if landlords are sitting back and raking in profits. While this was never really true, a few years ago there was some justification for the perception. But no longer. A combination of increasing hidden costs and Government measures such as increasing Stamp Duty have left landlords in a position where the average annual return is hardly more than £2,000 on each prope
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New Legislation for Rentals — What You Need to Know as a Landlord

If you’re a landlord, you’ll know how fast the rules have been changing recently. It’s not over — several new laws and regulations have either been passed recently or are being considered. So what do you need to know? The Tenants Fees Act 2019 This received the Royal Assent in February, and its provisions will be applied from the beginning of June. Under the Act, landlords will only be permitted to ask for certain pa
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New Restrictions on Buy-to-Let Borrowing

A well-planned buy-to-let can be an excellent business model, but a badly prepared one can end in disaster. One of the biggest dangers is taking on a mortgage you can’t cope with, leading to debt, default and the loss of all your assets. From the 30th September, though, the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulatory Authority arm will be cracking down on buy-to-let mortgages to make sure borrowers don’t overreach themse
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Tenancy Deposits — Make Sure You Don’t Get Caught Out

Since 2007, residential landlords failing to register a deposit taken from the tenant can be fined. Perhaps more seriously, though, they can have problems recovering possession of the property. Here are some of the main points. The Landlord’s Obligations Under section 213 of the Housing Act 2004, when a residential tenant pays a deposit for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, the landlord has thirty days to register it wit
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