Commercial Property

Commercial Rent Arrears — Six Months’ Moratorium

During the Covid lockdown, many businesses unable to trade or use their premises fell into arrears with their commercial rent. Although businesses are generally up and running again, many have found difficulties in catching up with these arrears. This has obviously also impacted on landlords’ finances, but the government’s Commercial Rent (Coronavirus) Act 2022, which came into force on 24th March, has se
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Ban on Evictions Extended Again — but how Complete Is it?

On the 10th March, the Government announced that the current moratorium on evictions will be extended until 31st May, for both domestic and commercial tenancies. This is clearly good news both for people who rent their home and for struggling businesses, but not necessarily for equally struggling landlords. So, does this mean that no evictions can take place, regardless of the circumstances? The Extension of the Mora
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How Is Enforcement Being Handled During the Lockdown?

During the first Covid-19 lockdown, we were in unknown territory, and rules had to be worked out on the go. This time, we’re more used to being locked down, and regulations (many of which are much the same as for tiers 2 and 3) have been put quickly in place. And this includes the regulations for enforcement visits for writs of control, writs of possession and serving eviction orders. The Rules for Writs of Con
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Although often a controversial topic, instructing a bailiff is one of the most effective ways of collecting a debt in the UK. If a tenant is in rent arrears or they have another outstanding debt to you, using the services of a bailiff is often the most straightforward means of recovering the amount. If you instruct a team of bailiffs to recover an outstanding debt from your commercial property – whether that is a sho
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