Improving Financial Outcomes — The FCA’s Three-Year Strategy

Most people would agree that the financial sector has been in dire need of more targeted regulation — and, on the whole, those companies that have always operated ethically would also agree. In a sector tarnished by everything from the LIBOR scandal to consumer scams, tougher regulations should allow firms already meeting or exceeding those standards to get a head-start. What’s the Background to the Strategy? S
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Business Insolvencies Are Climbing — Don’t Be Part of the Statistics

One of the few positive statistics from the first year of the Covid pandemic was a sharp drop in business insolvencies. This was driven by the various measures the government put in place to support businesses, in particular the furlough system. However, these measures have ended now, and the latest figures show that business insolvencies are climbing. What Do the Figures Show? The Insolvency Service has published th
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What Can I Do About Overdue Payments?

Overdue payments are a fact of life in business, and unfortunately the situation only looks like getting worse. High inflation is going to squeeze everyone’s cashflow, and even if your customers are trying their best to keep up payments, they might be chasing bad debts themselves. So what strategies are available to you, if you want to chase money owed to you? Using Your Customer Relations When you have a probl
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Why Do I Need a Formal Contract?

Contracts come in many different types. A contract can be a document to rival War and Peace in length and complexity, or it can be little more than a handshake. However, it’s a contract if it amounts to a provable agreement of how business is going to be conducted between two parties. So do you really need something formal, when an informal agreement serves the same purpose? What Is a Contract A contract is a l
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The Enforcement Conduct Authority — New Proposals for a Debt Enforcement Oversight Body

Many sectors of the financial world have their own independent oversight bodies. The best known is probably the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) but similar organisations operate in various areas of finance. One notable exception, though, has been the debt enforcement sector — but that may be changing. A prominent think-tank has brought together various sides of the sector and proposed a framework for a new oversigh
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Enforcement Visits — When Will They Be Back to Normal?

Since the Covid-19 lockdown began, it’s been difficult not only to initiate claims for debt recovery, but even to enforce orders already granted by the courts. This is because many enforcement visits have been suspended, making repayment entirely dependent on the debtor choosing to obey the order. However, the lockdown is being gradually eased. We can eat at a restaurant, enjoy a pint at a pub and even have a h
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Did you know that your business email footer must contain specific pieces of information by law? The Companies Act (UK letterhead legal requirements) states that all business must display the following business details on their letterheads. The name of their business The part of the country that the business is registered The registered company number The address of the registered office Furthermore – if you’re a par
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You Might Be Surprised Who the Biggest Tax Dodgers Are

Tax evasion and avoidance are big news these days, and most of us associate them with the multinational corporations and super-rich celebrities we read about in the news. But HMRC recently revealed who the biggest culprits are — SMEs. SME Tax Evasion HMRC estimates that they’re owed a total of £5.2bn in evaded tax payments, and of course those are only the debts they know about. Tax evasion, unlike tax avoidance, is
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The rules of networking

About 30 years ago an organisation that today has more than 170,000 members worldwide was founded by Dr Ivan Misner. It’s called Business Network International and last year some 6,000 meetings were held every week across the globe, generating 54 million referrals that led to members doing business worth $65 million with each other. If that sounds forbidding, then it shouldn’t. Business is built on relationships of t
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