Should You Act as a Personal Guarantor for a Business Loan?

Have you ever been asked to act as a personal guarantor on a business loan? Maybe you’ve been asked by a business owner you’re on good terms with, or maybe you’ve considered taking on the role for a limited company you’re a director of. Is it a good idea to accept the request — and what could the consequences be? What Is a Personal Guarantee? There are various ways of offering security to a lender for a business loan
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Landlords — Avoid a £30,000 Fine by Keeping Up Electrical Safety Tests

If you’re a responsible landlord, you may well already carry out EICR (electrical installation condition report) checks regularly on all your properties. From 1st April, however, this will be a legal requirement, with fines up to £30,000 for failure to comply. What Is the EICR? An EICR is the document that an electrician issues after carrying out an inspection on the electrical equipment in a property. Dependin
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Are You a Company Director? Do You Know Your Responsibilities

You don’t have to be a major organisation to form a limited company. Statistically, most companies have only a handful of employees, or are even solo enterprises. However, if you’re running a limited company, you’ll have the status of company director, and as such you’ll have various responsibilities. Unfortunately, not all company directors are aware of what these are. How much do you know? W
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New Restrictions on Buy-to-Let Borrowing

A well-planned buy-to-let can be an excellent business model, but a badly prepared one can end in disaster. One of the biggest dangers is taking on a mortgage you can’t cope with, leading to debt, default and the loss of all your assets. From the 30th September, though, the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulatory Authority arm will be cracking down on buy-to-let mortgages to make sure borrowers don’t overreach themse
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Will This Be the Court System of the Future?

Last month, Master of the Rolls Sir Terence Etherton unveiled his proposals for a radical change in the court system — the Online Solutions Court. This is part of a six-year plan to modernise the courts. In particular, it involves digitising the administration and processes of the judicial system, bringing the courts into the 21st century. It can be accessed from home, but it’s envisioned that physical courtrooms wil
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When should debt become a legal matter?

There comes a time, when dealing with unpaid accounts from a client, when a business has to consider taking legal action to recover the debt. If you have a longstanding legal relationship with a firm of solicitors, they can probably advise you when that point has been reached. But for most small firms, there is a balancing act to be performed. Luckily, going legal does not necessarily mean launching court action. As
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A tax on justice for small firms trying to recover debts

The government’s enthusiasm for making public spending savings has resulted in an accusation from the Law Society, the body representing solicitors, that proposed increases in some court fees of up to 600% amount to ‘selling justice’. The proposals from the Ministry of Justice, reports CCR Magazine, mean that fees for claims from £1 to £9,999 are unchanged; from £10,000 to £199,999 are 5% of the claim; and are fixed
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