Interest Rates

How High Will Monthly Mortgage Repayments Rise?

With the recent steep rises in the Bank of England’s interest rates, it was inevitable that mortgage repayments were going to rise. However, a recent survey suggests that the position is worse than most people expected. It’s now expected that monthly repayments will rise by an average of £617. The Research Results According to research by The Mortgage Lender (TML), 80% of homeowners are concerned about rising rates,
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SMEs and Open Banking — A Booming Combination

One of the major financial innovations of the past decade has been the rise of open banking. This term describes the use of open APIs (application programming interfaces) to allow users more control over their banking. While uptake has been limited among consumers, it’s proved popular with SMEs. Recent research has shown more than 750,000 SMEs using it in the UK. What Is Open Banking? Open banking is the general term
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Improving Financial Outcomes — The FCA’s Three-Year Strategy

Most people would agree that the financial sector has been in dire need of more targeted regulation — and, on the whole, those companies that have always operated ethically would also agree. In a sector tarnished by everything from the LIBOR scandal to consumer scams, tougher regulations should allow firms already meeting or exceeding those standards to get a head-start. What’s the Background to the Strategy? S
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7-2 vote brings interest rate rise closer

The news that two member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee voted in favour of an increase on interest rates at their August meeting would suggest that the historic low rates are nearing their end. We’ve written before about the possible impact of rising rates, however gradually, on businesses and consumers who are managing, just, their repayments. Once variable loan rates start to increase, whether o
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