Credit control reviews

Get Your Enforcement Writ in First

If you take out a writ of control against someone who owes you money, there are currently extra hurdles to get over. Besides backlogs in the court system, in some cases, bailiffs won’t be able to enter the debtor’s property. However, it’s still possible to effectively enforce a writ. You just have to be careful that you get everything right. In What Order Are Writs Dealt With? There’s an old c
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Is This the Time for a Full Review of Debt Options?

The options open for people who fall into debt have needed reform for some time, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made the issue urgent. The Money Advice Trust has now published a new briefing, urging the government to commission a full review of the options for debt management. The Debt Crisis The need for review of debt options was already being urged before this year. In 2018, the Money Advice Service (now part of th
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Winter had a sting in the tail, but did your business get through it unscathed?

The end of the tax year is in sight, and it’s a time when many businesses suddenly find unpaid invoices making a hole in their profits. Hopefully you’re on top of your finances, but do get in touch with SJ Collections if you need any help chasing up debts. 2018 seems to be throwing up more challenges than usual for SMEs, from the government’s overhaul of the Corporate Governance Code to an unprecedented level of cybe
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Two Major Takeover Deals by Debt Collecting Companies

Takeovers are a fact of business. They’re sometimes good for the customers of the companies involved, sometimes less so, but business never stands still. Debt collection is no exception, although it tends not to get the media attention given to media, engineering or major retail companies, and two significant takeovers have recently been announced in the sector. Two Recent Takeovers Cabot Credit Management, con
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Do you really control credit?

Do you really control credit? Businesses have leant the hard way, it is not only the new customers that need vetting, but  existing customers  also need to be reviewed by getting the paperwork right. Ensure that you have all the correct contact details for your customer, and you have an account form and your terms and conditions signed by an approved signatory.  Confirm that the account has been set up correctly on y
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