Contingency Planning

SMEs Are Facing a Cashflow Crisis

SMEs have faced multiple challenges for the past two years, but they might be forgiven for looking forward to better times, now all the lockdowns are behind us. Instead, a recent report shows that the cost of living crisis is creating a situation where more than two million SMEs are only just managing to break even. Why the Crisis? Many SMEs had a difficult time during the pandemic, but conditions haven’t impro
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One in Five Renters Finding It Difficult to Meet Their Housing Costs

A Government report released in April shows a stark picture of how households are coping with their housing costs and savings in the pandemic. The problems apply to both the home-owning and rental sectors, but renters seem to have been hardest hit. The Second Wave Household Resilience Study After more than a year of the pandemic, the Government has published a study of how households are holding up in the wake of the
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Government Recovery Loan Scheme Now Available

With lockdown being cautiously eased, many businesses are looking forward to reopening, especially those in the retail and hospitality sectors. However, many of these have been closed, or at least operating on a restricted basis, for the past thirteen months and will find reopening difficult. However, a new wave of government support for businesses started on 6th April, under the Recovery Loan Scheme (RLS). One Schem
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Don’t Be a Victim of Fraud While You’re on Holiday

The chances are you’re looking forward to a holiday over the summer, whether your tastes involve lying on a beach or something more active. If you’re running your business efficiently, there shouldn’t be a problem about taking a couple of weeks off to enjoy a well-earned break. However, there are potential dangers. There have been a number of cases where an employee has received a very plausible ema
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Three Essential Steps Before Signing a Commercial Lease

Any legal document requires close scrutiny before you sign it, and this is certainly true of a commercial lease. The ideal solution would be to have the agreement drawn up by a commercial law solicitor working for you, who’ll ensure there are no nasty surprises. Often, however, your landlord will present you with a ready-made agreement. Most landlords won’t be trying to cheat you, but the agreement will have been dra
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You Might Be Surprised Who the Biggest Tax Dodgers Are

Tax evasion and avoidance are big news these days, and most of us associate them with the multinational corporations and super-rich celebrities we read about in the news. But HMRC recently revealed who the biggest culprits are — SMEs. SME Tax Evasion HMRC estimates that they’re owed a total of £5.2bn in evaded tax payments, and of course those are only the debts they know about. Tax evasion, unlike tax avoidance, is
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Keeping Your Business Out of Trouble

We’ve all read it over the past few months, banks, phone companies, and goodness how many other institutions have been hacked. Daily scams are becoming the norm; and every day seems to add to the problems small businesses are facing, myself included. I have written before about protecting your business with contingency planning and I make no apologies for repeating my concern. Remember to check this on a regular basi
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Research suggests that many businesses do not have in proper place contingency plans for dealing with potential disasters. While the current economic climate may mean that resources are stretched for many businesses, at the same time the global crisis also serves to demonstrate the importance of planning ahead in order to protect your business from the impact of unexpected events. From global pandemics to natural dis
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