Rising Inflation — How Might It Affect Your Business?

Official inflation figures have just been released for December, and it won’t be a surprise to many people that the news is bad. The figure is 5.4% — the highest inflation since March 1992. This is clearly bad news for consumers, especially those on low income, but what is it likely to mean for your business? Inflation Squeezing Household Spending Much of the recent inflation, the highest this century, is obvio
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Liquidations — Solvent or Insolvent?

The liquidation of a company doesn’t always have to be a traumatic event. There are many reasons why a decision may be taken to close down a company and, as long as it has enough assets to pay all creditors in full, this can be done in an orderly fashion through a solvent liquidation. However, occasionally this procedure goes wrong, and the liquidator is forced to convert the process to an insolvent liquidation
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